STM Studio Supplies is unique in the field of dance and theatre suppliers. We offer turnkey solutions to the physical and structural needs of a dance studio, pilates studio, and performance spaces generally. We are the market leader in the supply of dance studio fit outs as a turnkey package or as DIY elements.

First established in 2003 as part of the Monart Group, our products were developed in response to need; a DIY sprung floor system, an impact resistant wall mirror system, a whole range of barres, rollaway mirrors, sound, lighting and acoustic treatments.


The amount of repeat business we receive speaks volumes for the innovative approach and high regard for customer service we bring to every project. We’ve served dance studios, public & private schools, universities and construction companies all across Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific including; Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia.

Our STM products are continually evolving as we improve supply and design in response to the feedback of our customers.

Products in response to Covid-19 have been developed and are available here.

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Mylar Glassless

Cloth Mirror Cover


Dance Vinyl

STM Ruglock


Dance Floor Products

Deluxe High Shine Vinyl – Black


Dance Floor Products

Broadway Dance Floor Vinyl


Dance Floor Products

STM Vinyl Trolley