STM Audio Package


If the soul of your studio is the floor, then the heart is the sound system.

Portable bluetooth speakers really don’t cut it in a large studio so maybe it is time to shout your performance space a pacemaker!

Here is our discounted Seasons Audio Package on offer until the end of February, all for less than $2000!

1 x 8RU Wall Mounted rack

1 x Aerolink Wieless Receiver

1 x Behringer Rack Mount RX1602V2

1 x Indesign iD-cdp10 Cd Player with remote

2 x B Hype 10 active Speakers

1 x Pair Quicklock Speaker Wall Brackets

A remote antenna with a magnetic base to put on top of a metal rack instead of inside it.

DRA-24: Digital Extension Antenna on Magnetic Base with 1.5m cable……………. $30.00


‘BPBP: Blue 24mm Momentary Switch mounted in a Clipsal Wall-plate………………$85.00


A Remote Pairing kit for back room installations, set up a remote access point with a run of CAT 6 cable to a wall plate with a big blue button switch.


Already got a Sound System?

Make it Blue tooth for $200

Aerolink  FA AL 3

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