Acoustic CEILING Enhancement

To effectively control the acoustics of a room you need affect 60% of the surfaces, so don’t forget some of our acoustic ceiling treatment!

Lightweight foam Plano Bevel and Pyramid products are a viable alternative to less practical suspended ceiling systems.

Safely up and out of harm’s way, they are extremely light and have compliant fire ratings. They glue into place instantly and rapidly with standard construction adhesives and silicone.

This allows more creative ceiling finishes and designs. Their acoustic performance is equal to or better than the suspended ceilings they replace.

NRC Plano Pyramid
The pyramid like surface acoustic tile provides the greatest area of absorption of all because of its excellent acoustic specifications. Standard colours are white and light grey. Non-standard colours upon request and will depend on the quantity.

By its nature, any fabric or surface in the studio, from curtains to soft furnishings will help to ameliorate some of the problem, but to really soften the blow, use our acoustic ceiling treatment.

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Made from fabric laminated to an acoustic, needle-punched and thermally
bonded 100% polyester backing, acoustic fabric contains a minimum of 60%
recycled content. It is also moisture resistant so it won’t stain, rot or break down.
Making acoustic fabric the safest, non-toxic, long-lasting and sustainable
acoustic wall treatment available.

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