Concrete floors and other solid surfaces are the mortal enemies of the dancer and dance teacher. Which is why we push for all studios to have a sprung floor.

Flexi-Pro is a high-performance area elastic sprung floor, When installed floating, on levelled concrete or wooden sub-floors, it is the ideal solution for stages and floors where robust activity and heavy loads such as scenery, elevated work platforms, and retractable seating are used, while providing the essential protection performers need.

The resilience of the floor system is secured through an elastic Flexi-Pro base floor, with continuous rubber strips in two thicknesses, placed in grooves, on the back, and features progressive shock absorbency executed by low intensity impacts.

Developed as a sports floor it features:

  • High shock absorbency at 60%.
  • Heavy load bearing up to 1500kg.
  • A built-in deformation control securing ultimate loading capacity to the floor.
  • Great under foot stability.
  • Tongue and groove profiles along all four sides of the panels ensure fast and secure connections.
  • Uncompromising durability and maintenance free.
  • Eco Friendly Composition.
  • Conforms with EN 14904, Class A4.
  • Complies with AS ISO9239.1-2003 Fire Testing
  • Can be either permanent or removable.

A FlexiPro Floor is ideal for multi-purpose use and performance spaces with a focus on dancing, active movement, and performance generally, it is used extensively in over 100 venues nationwide and is the ideal solution for stages and beneath retractable seating particularly when combined with Weathertex Brown board as a top layer.

The combination of Weathertex’s hard sustainable surface with Flexi-Pro’s durable & sprung composition make it the perfect solution that won’t hold a memory of the heavy weight of the seating. 

FlexiPro Sprung Base

An area elastic sprung floor of 570x1200mm birch ply sheets, supported by continuous elastic EvaZote rubber strips in 10mm thickness, recessed/ glued into grooves on the panel’s underside. Special tongue/groove profiles along all 4 sides of the panels secure fast and safe. The connections are made by glueing the panels into one floating area.

  • Sub floor height is: 21mm.
  • The base floor complies with EN 14904
  • Timber (or Engineered Timber) floorboards can glued or stapled.
  • Vinyl surfaces can be glued or taped to a prepared surface.

Video by KTL Flooring

Moisture barrier

  • A 200 Um PE-folio plastic is recommended laid with 200mm overlaps and taped joints.
    • This is essential when there is a concrete subfloor.


  • Concrete or alternative existing floor, levelled to a maximum deviation of ± 2 mm on a 2 meter straight-edge.