Weathertex is used in the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Theatre Company and on numerous stages throughout Australia. Appropriated from exterior cladding and sign writing applications.

Weathertex brown board is a 3660mm x 1220mm x 9.5mm sheet made from macerating sustainably sourced Eucalyptus in an ISO 9001 certified process. The boards are steam pressed with a paraffin wax additive with no artificial chemicals or binders. At 45kg each, they cope with extreme use and want to stay put!

Weathertex boards have been awarded a Platinum GreenTag Certification which is the highest possible level and the first manufactured product globally to achieve this. These boards are a recommended surface for performance spaces and stages, and may be coated to suit required slip-coefficients and aesthetic needs.

Weathertex Board Options

  • Boards are standard at 3660mm x 1220mm x 9.5mm – 45kg

  • Boards may be supplied ex-factory or CNC engineered to square with pre-drilled 4.75mm countersunk holes for an additional fee.

Subfloor requirements

It is not recommended to lay directly onto a concrete slab and this should only be considered if there is a waterproof membrane in place the slab is fully cured, moisture fixed, and is truly level.

Suitable subfloors are:

  • New or old structural timber floors

  • Structural plywood flooring

  • Structural particleboard flooring

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Delivery considerations

Boards are delivered on pallets. The size and weight of these boards can create difficulties for access and handling.

  • Forklifts need to be of adequate load rating to suit the number of boards supplied.

  • Each board weighs approximately 45 kg and is a two-man lift, with a length of 3.66m. Consider a pallet of 50 sheets will be 2,250 kgs.

  • If the site is not at ground level, most goods lifts will rarely accommodate the 3.66m length and fire-stairs may be too tight in the wind.

Finishing recommendations

  • For a superior finish and particularly with ex-factory boards or when the final covering is to be vinyl, apply an Ardex feather finish or equivalent on joins.

  • When using feather finish with Juju Blitz Total Black coating is fine.

  • Lightly sand all joins when feather finish has been applied.

  • Use a flat based orbital sander or a rotary sander such as a Polivac with 60-80 mm grit screenback or sandpaper.

  • Sweep and vacuum the floor so that all dust and loose fibre is removed.

  • The Weathertex brown board is then ready to receive the floor coating or vinyl top layer.

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