Juju Blitz Total Black Stage Paint


Presenting the new standard for Australian Stage and Backstage surfaces…

We all know that stage black has to be just the right balance between matte for lighting but with just enough sheen so it doesn’t mark up while you look at it.

The Sydney Theatre Company challenged Robertson Paint to do just that and we are proud to share the results with you.

Total Blitz has been tested for traction and complies with NCC pedestrian surface requirements with a slip test rating conforming with AS4586:2013 & AS4603: 2015 existing surfaces.

The correct and minimum degree of reflectivity is essential for stage areas, both walls and floors. Juju® Blitz Total Black Performance Floor Finish is the key for the best results for performance lighting. A completely  Matte black shows marks while you look at it! Juju® Blitz Total Black Performance Floor Finish has just enough sheen to limit this and enable lighting and cleaning. With high adhesion, good coverage and maximum pigment.

If you need more grip than that then add our Juju clear!

If you need to mark up your floor with tape, please consider using Liquid Chalk to avoid potential delamination. Available at art and office supply stores it is a good alternative and won’t lift the finish. Alternatively you can try our low tack heritage range of spike tapes!

STM Studio Supplies researches and updates our product list by listening to customers and practical installation by ourselves.

To enable constant improvement all and any feedback is most appreciated.

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