Juju Performance Clear Floor Finish

Juju Performance Clear Floor Finish is an industrial coating that we have adapted to resemble that of dance floor vinyl by adjusting the slip factor.

Juju® Performance Clear Floor Finish works extremely well on most prepared and sealed surfaces and can be used to correct the slipperiness of 1timber floor surfaces that have been finished in a manner not necessarily suited to dance.

Most often, Juju® Performance Floor Finish is compatible with polyurethane finishes and serves the dual function of toughening them up whilst correcting their slip factor. It important the floor is not too badly worn as the solvent in Juju will react if able to get underneath the existing coating.

Juju® Performance Floor Finish works equally well as a general surface finish in high traffic areas in general, but remember it is paint, and whilst tough, it isn’t bulletproof.

Primer is required!

A coat of primer prior to application is required. We recommend our own Juju Primer and also supply Bona Prime Intense.

Juju® Stage & Studio Performance Floor Finish is applied with a progression of rollers, starting with 12mm for the primer/1st coat, 9mm for the second coat and 6mm for the final coat.

Juju gives an even better finish when sprayed.

We supply it as a clear product and this means you can retain the wonderful look of timber floor while limiting the damage done from hard foot fall.

Need to mark your floor?

If you need to mark up your floor with tape, please consider using Liquid Chalk to avoid potential delamination. Available at art and office supply stores it is a good alternative and won’t lift the finish.

Want to tap on your clear floor finish?

We have found that if you wish to tap dance on a Juju® Performance Floor Finish surface it is best not to put colour underneath. The impact of tap shoes will chip through and expose the floor material. While the floor is still quite useable, it does take on an unattractive speckled appearance.

Where colour is required, use a matt finish acrylic paint. This will act as the first sealer layer in the application process.

Juju® Performance Floor Paint will scuff and mark over time, like conventional vinyl, this is the inevitable patina of a performance floor weather tapping or not.

We have developed a Tester Kit and strongly recommend that you purchase this to ensure that you are selecting the best option for your floor and intended use.


With two coats over a primer we typically find that coverage is approx 5 square metres per litre.
However, we recommend buying a little extra so you don’t run out and  have enough to give your floor a touch up coat when & if necessary.

So the formula is:

(Length of Studio x Width of Studio) = sqm area/5 = Litres required

So for a studio that is 10m x 10m

10m x 10m = 100sqm / 5 = 20L + extra as a reserve

Use half that number to give you the amount of Primer required

Testing a sample piece will help you decide if the Juju will suit your existing floor, conditions and intended usage. It will also give you a complete first hand understanding of how the application process works.

Yes. But remember that Juju is a paint and will wear quickly with percussive styles of dance. We recommend a clear primer coat, without colour beneath for tap as when the colour wears through it reveals the timber underneath.
Repairing this will require the full 3 coats process over again!

The Juju needs 3-4 weeks to cure completely, depending on weather and humidity, to maintain its integrity under the stresses and impact of hard shoes

Use of a test piece will give a good indication of duration of time suitable for your temperature and weather conditions

Most matt or low sheen acrylic paints are ok. We recommend and supply a JuJu range of paints for this and other purposes. 

It will resist other chemically based products i.e. other paints, in this instance Juju. Put simply, all paints chemically attach themselves to what is underneath them. In this instance the solvent Xylene eats into the material below creating the bond.

This is assisted by scoring the surface to create a “tooth” or access path.
2 pack materials “resist” abrasion and form an impervious sealed layer that unfortunately is also “thermo-elastic”

This means that they heat up when abraded causing clogging up any sandpaper or sanding screens.
This in turn means it will be very hard to remove; we have on occasion had to use concrete grinding equipment to make good a badly prepared floor.

The gripping medium within the paint is a suspended solid and it will try to settle to the bottom of the can. This will result in an uneven grip across the floor and may even leave you with some slippery areas.

Yellow tongue flooring is structural grade particleboard sheet flooring. Edge wax coat and wax impregnated for added moisture protection. Manufactured in Australia from renewable Australian plantation pine. Which in layman’s terms means that it is chipboard.

It can split and is tricky to fill gaps, it is also absorbent and will require a careful application of primer.

Not suitable to be painted prior to application as it is a light colour and if chipped will mark.

We have found that a Masonite floor or our Weathertex floor is preferable, especially for tap.

Juju is essentially a paint product and as such is classified as “Dangerous Goods”. Carriers add a significant surcharge for this service as it requires a specialist driver. Delivery times cannot be guaranteed and can be longer than usual. Please take this into consideration when planning your renovation timeline and ordering.

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