Acoustic Wall Enhancement

One of the easiest ways to counteract a noisy studio and absorb some of the reflected reverberation is to revamp the walls. Acoustic wall treatment will help you and your neighbours!

Your room will sound “tighter”, clear and will be a more focused listening environment.

To really nail the NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) we have a range of acoustic fabrics and Supacoustic noise control panels in a variety of styles and colours. ​NRC Supacoustic Noise Control Panels are a versatile range of Australian and British made integrated and decorative acoustic wall and ceiling panels that enhance the acoustic performance of any studio.

Supacoustic panels come in various standard configurations including perforated, slotted and creative patterns. Customised configurations can also be supplied to suite bespoke project needs.

Matching solid panels are also available.

The panels are available in a large range of natural and concept timber veneers or polyurethane colour and metallic finishes. ​

NRC Acoustic fabric is the simple choice for managing reverberation and
reflected sound whilst creating a durable interior finish. By its nature, any fabric
surface in the studio, from curtains to soft furnishings will help to ameliorate
some of the problem, but to really soften the blow, use one of our wall fixed
acoustic fabric options.

Made from fabric laminated to an acoustic, needle-punched and thermally
bonded 100% polyester backing, acoustic fabric contains a minimum of 60%
recycled content. It is also moisture resistant so it won’t stain, rot or break down.
Making acoustic fabric the safest, non-toxic, long-lasting and sustainable
acoustic wall treatment available.

, Acoustic Wall Treatment

Acoustic Enhancement

1. Acoustic Fabric Classic
Classic fabric enables you to transform your walls into acoustic notice boards by taking advantage of the “fuzzy felt” receptive velour surface that is pin, staple and hook loop receptive.

2. Acoustic Fabric Symphony
Symphony was developed specifically to manage reverberated noise and create modern durable interior solutions for use on vertical surfaces by Autex.

With its sophisticated smooth pile it can be used as a pinboard, effectively
transforming your walls into acoustic notice boards with a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.40

 3. Cheops Pyramids 
Cheops® Pyramids sound absorber is an attractive convoluted acoustic panel that provides a greater surface and absorptive area than flat surfaces to  reduce eflected noise in a room by trapping and absorbing sound energy from all angles.

Unlike many other acoustic materials, Cheops® Acoustic Pyramid panels provide excellent acoustic control across all frequencies with Noise Reduction Coefficients ranging from 0.8 to 1.05.

Cheops® Acoustic Pyramid is available in charcoal grey colour as standard with 12 optional colours.

Acoustica® also offers a custom colour service to meet individual requirements.
Typical applications include broadcast and recording studios, call centres, community facilities and machinery enclosures Cheops® Pyramids are supplied in panels 600 mm x 600 mm and thickness of 50mm, 75 mm, 100 mm or 150 mm.

For architectural applications the panels are adhered to walls and ceiling.

Fabric Care

  • Blot spills from fabric quickly. Wipe with a damp cloth. Avoid rubbing and excessive amounts of water as this will affect the finish. Use carpet or upholstery shampoo as directed. Blot with a clean dry cloth after each application of solution. Custom printed Composition Acoustic Fabric requires the services of a specialist cleaning company.

4. Acoustic Fabric Peel N Stick Tiles

  • Peel N Stick Tiles feature a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing, so that you can
    transform your walls into acoustic notice boards by taking advantage of
    Peel N Stick Tiles pin, staple and hook loop receptive surface.

  • Total Nominal Thickness: Typically 10-12mm

  • Tile Size: 600mm x 600mm

  • Tiles per Pack: 6

  • Coverage: 2.16m2

6.  Acoustic Fabric Vivace
Vivace is an innovative range of high performing acoustic panels that compliment the GIB® ReadyLock system. Utilising the latest print technology, Vivace can be printed to create unique colours and patterns, incorporate branding or add interest through the appearance of textured finishes.

7. Acoustic Fabric dECO Panels

  • dECO Quiet Panel improves the acoustic comfort of your space.

    • Available in a range of vibrant colours in the dECO Series Fabric range to suit any interior.

    • Designer custom fabrics can be applied to the dECO Quiet Panel.

  • Designed for collaborative working and education environments, dECO Quiet

  • Panels are pinnable and with the dECO Series Captivate fabric, they are hook-and-loop fastener receptive.