The GGm8 GaffGun Adapter

A GaffGun Adapter has been on our minds ever since the GaffGun was released in 2014 it has been a game-changer for us and many industries. Gathering miles of cables, preventing trip hazards and aiding the installation of endless rolls of vinyl!

However, for many people, the shine has gone off after the excitement of the initial release. 

Limited to proprietary tapes; the GaffGun is often gathering dust or sitting unsold on the shelves. 

We wanted to change that so we’ve decided to create an adapter.

Introducing the GGM8 Universal Tape Adapter  !!

This patent-pending adapter allows you to use tapes with a centre hole around 3″ with all the same functions as before, but with your tapes of your choice!

Buy the GGm8 GaffGun adapter here!

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, GGm8 – The GaffGun Adapter

Stanmart Film Services provides us with a range of over 15+ tapes that are all adaptable with the GGM8!

Features of the GaffGun Adapter:

We wanted to make a quality product that would last for years so we haven’t stinted on materials.

  • Stainless Steel Shaft
  • Quality Bearings
  • Solid Acetal Locating Cones and Spacer
  • Generously Sized 2″ Solid Metal Knurled Thumb-screw
  • Accepts CoreLock™
  • Ability to use your choice of tape with the GaffGun

Dimensions of the GaffGun Adapter:

  • The spindle measures at 125mm long

  • The thumbscrew has 50mm diameter

  • The bearing is 22mm in diameter

  • The centre cones have a 78mm diameter

  •  The spacer is 29mm x 10mm 

​More information:

  • With all non-ferrous parts, the GGM8 won’t be affected by moisture and dis-inclined to rust

  • The GGM8 has been designed without sharp edges for ease and safety of handling

  • Spare parts will be available in the unlikely event that you break any of the robustly built pieces

  • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty  


If you know someone specific who works in staging, theatre, audiovisual and touring shows can you please share GGM8 with them?

We are passionate about getting these into the hands of as many technicians as possible and we need your help.

We’re deeply committed to and excited about delivering a high-quality product, on time, that we know you’ll enjoy for a long time to come.

Thank you for your support! We are deeply grateful that you’re on this journey with us!

, GGm8 – The GaffGun Adapter