High End Acoustic Solutions

With the addition of Paul Stefanidis to our team at STM Studio supplies we are able to add  a range of high-end acoustic diffusion and absorption products adding to our existing catalogue of acoustic enhancement & acoustic products along with high end studio design solutions.

Paul’s background is as an audio engineer and an acoustician with over 25 years of experience as a professional in the music industry and with approximately 100 Gold and Platinum plaques and awards plus his involvement in the construction of a number of high-end Recording Studios and Mastering Suites makes Paul extremely good at what he does.

Having a long time collaboration with companies such as Universal, Sony, EMI, Fuji Motion Pictures and the list goes on Paul brings the experience of a true hands on professional in allowing us to develop bespoke and stock items to suit the high end needs of audiophiles in professional and home recording studios and home theatre environments.

This can include but is not limited to bass traps, diffusers, diaphragmatic broadband absorbers, membrane traps, resonators, vibration limiting speaker stands and many more types of treatments such as below.

, High End Acoustic Solutions
Paul Stefanidis – Mastering Engineer/Producer/Acoustician

Our acoustic products and builds come in sizes and profiles assessed to suit your particular needs examples include:

One of Australia’s premium acoustic facilities featuring a world class Mastering Studio. Fitted with Skyline diffusers, diaphragmatic low end absorbers and membrane traps and structurally isolated from its surroundings.

A 12 piece wooden 2D diffuser which is ideal for the rear of the room to create a sense of a larger space so unlike most diffusers this will work in diffusing both horizontally and vertically.

Wooden Quadratic Residue Diffuser built to the specs of the particular room.

(Custom build)

Floor to ceiling wooden Quadratic Residue Diffuser.

(Custom build)

Skyline wooden diffuser

(Custom build)

We offer acoustic solutions for many needs. These include but not limited to Recording Studios, Home Theatres, Media Rooms, Classrooms, Theatres, Churches, Offices and more. We can also provide sound barriers for a variety of acoustic containment.

All of our products will be manufactured here in Sydney, Australia with a dedication to utility combined with elegance. Products that work well and look great.

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