STM Rollaway Mirrors are sturdy enough to withstand the everyday rigours of any ballet studio. For ease of storage, they are designed to go through a standard doorway.

Will they work for me?

​Glass mirrors are the most common variety found, as most people associated mirrors with glass.

Our dance mirrors are made in the generous mirror size of 1800x1800mm.

Our professional Cheval mirrors come in a size of 1500mmx600mm.

We use 6mm silver mirror fully adhered to an MDF backing mounted on a black powder-coated steel frame.

Designed to fit through your standard doorways.

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They come with:

  • Generous mirror area

  • Locking legs for ease of transport and storage

  • Lightweight powder coated steel construction

  • Impact and UV stable rear backing

  • 6mm silver mirror glass, fully adhered

  • Lockable industrial castors for ease of movement and to stop them running away!

  • Guaranteed against manufacturer defects

We can also supply Mirror Covers to protect your mirror when you’re not using it. These are made from 300gsm black Molton which helps protect the surface from damage, as well as dust and scratches.

Our Glass mirrors conform with Australian Standards AS/NZS 1170 and AS1288-2006 as required for compliance with the BCA.

Our Glassless Mylar Mirrors are also available in rollaway options

    • Mylar mirror is a reflective film that was developed by NASA and used in the Hubble telescope.

    • 85% Lighter than traditional Glass & 20% better reflective quality.

    • However they are not suitable where objects may be flying as they are very fragile. 

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Mylar Glassless

Cloth Mirror Cover