spike TAPES

Spike tapes are a type of coloured adhesive tape used in the performing arts industry to mark the positions of actors, props, and scenery on stage. The tape is usually made of cloth, paper or vinyl.

Here at STM we offer a variety of colours in cloth and paper such as red, blue, green, yellow, orange and white.

Spike tapes are commonly used in theatre, film, and television productions to mark the positions of actors on stage, the placement of props, and the movements of scenery. The tape is usually applied to the stage floor or to other surfaces using a stage manager’s spike, which is a metal or wooden tool used to mark the tape.

When purchasing spike tapes, it’s important to consider the adhesive strength, colour options, and durability of the tape to ensure it meets your needs. Some tapes may be more suitable for temporary use, while others may be more appropriate for long-term applications.

The use of spike tapes helps actors, dancers and stage crew members to know where they need to be on stage and where to place props and scenery, ensuring a smooth and organized performance. Spike tapes can also be used to mark safety areas, such as the edges of stage platforms or other hazards.

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