What are they?

The STM Studio Supplies Impactamirror  is the result of creating a mirror to suit the robust and challenging environments of gymnasiums and public schools. It has been developed to withstand impact but with the ability for ease of repair and relocation (should that be required).

The traditional method of simply silicone fixing mirrors to walls gives no insurance against sudden soft impact and is rarely fully adhered as required by AS2208.

The vinyl backed 6mm silver mirror employed is fully compliant with the NCC and the EFSG.

The mirror is captured at the perimeter with a standard glazing frame and bead, in addition to being wall fixed at the centre with a proprietry tongue and groove system. This prevents the mirror from bowing and as a result reflecting a distorted image, while at the same time limiting lateral movement – allowing for a minimal gap at the mirror panel joins. For this reason, the 3mm joins with silicone as specified in the EFSG are no longer required.

It is the opinion of Arup Consulting Engineers #086669-32 that the STM Impactamirror system installed with 6mm glass and 25mm frame sizing plus the method of adhesion to the backing material complies with AS/NZS 1170.0 and AS1288-2006, which is required to satisfy provision for compliance with the NCC.

Your impacatamirror will consist of 

  • 10mm polymer foam cushion
  • Class 2 vinyl safety backing.
  • 6mm grade A safety glass.
  • 25mm clear anodised glazing frame and bead.
  • 100mm clear anodised skirting.
  • Total profile 25mm

Impactamirrors do not require a 3mm expansion join as indicated in the EFSG as the unit is wall fixed on the perimeter and centre minimizing the need for expansion and contraction mitigation.

Impactamirror Warranty

STM Impactamirror come with a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturer and installation defects.

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