Taking Care of Your Dance Barre

Thank you for investing in our beautiful barres, your dance barre should have an almost unlimited life given the right care and attention.

Maintenance on your Dance Barre

Once properly installed, the wall-mounted barre system needs little maintenance. However it is advisable to check after a month of use that your fixings are coping with the wear and tear they have received and are going to receive. They might need some tightening on the wall fixings and barre to bracket fixings. If this is extreme, you might need to reassess whether the fixings used are adequate. You should repeat this check at three monthly intervals.

Cleaning you Dance Barre

A very straightforward matter and is subject to the amount of use the barre is receiving. Having said that, a regular weekly schedule is better than a major assault when dirt has accumulated to the point of being visible or the barre has become sticky. A light wipe with a low strength mild detergent and a soft damp cloth is recommended. It is undesirable to saturate the barre. Also recommended is the addition of a few drops of disinfectant or eucalyptus oil. This is particularly the case during winter when colds and sniffles can literally be handed on via the barre.

You might consider adding our Anti Bacterial Wipes or Vira-San Spray to your cleaning regime.

Please avoid alcohol wipes.

Scratches on your Timber Dance Barre

The greatest source of damage to your barre will be rings. If you think you are getting an undue amount of scratching you may have to try and identify the culprit, and politely request they remove the offending jewellery or otherwise wear a glove. White cotton gloves are very cheap and will solve the problem simply and perhaps avoid a major struggle removing a stubborn ring.

Recoating Timber Barres

There is nothing to prevent you recoating your timber barre down the track. A light sanding with 150-180 grit papers or finer, will give the following coat of clear acrylic a good “tooth” or grip. There is generally no need to try to sand out the scratches, as they will substantially disappear with the fresh paint. Cabot’s Clear Floor, and the furniture grade equivalent, is a good hardwearing product that is readily available.

We do suggest that you do a small test piece before embarking on a wholesale renovation.

Metal Barres 

If you have purchased a metal barre the same regime applies to the connections and fixings. For the barre itself, a light wipe with a low strength mild detergent and a soft damp cloth is recommended as well as the addition of a few drops of disinfectant or eucalyptus oil.

Portable Barres

Whilst the above applies equally to portable barres, a little more maintenance is required due to the robust nature of their life. It is important to regularly tighten the locking screws as they will work loose over time. A monthly check is ideal and again it is better to do small amounts often than to discover a foot is falling off or the barre has become wobbly before trying to find where you put the tools.

A 3/16th Allen key is supplied with your barre and should it have gone walkabout is readily available from your local hardware store.

ALWAYS lift and carry your STM portable barre by the legs to prevent damage to the timber or connecting screws.

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