Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

, Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

Seminars are like going on holidays, if they are any good, they are things you promise yourself you will do again, soon and more regularly. This one under the proud banner of National Achievers Conference was one of the better ones.

There was the inevitable Tony Robbins inspired Ra Ra and fist pumping, a lot of formulaic chest thumping, rising from the ashes tales of historical lows, and compulsory favourite charity references but there were equally  some pieces of gold (literally!) and great advice mixed in.

Most of the speakers were seriously wealthy in their own right and didn’t get that way just by chance.

Gary Vaynerchuk gave a great simple “just do it ‘message about not over finessing your social media posts.

He appeared as a hologram, believe it or not which was wonderfully 21st century, Daymond John of Fubu and American Sharktank fame was simply very cool but for me the standout comment was from Lisa Messenger an Ozzie made good with her magazines and books. Just back from a 14 days meditation retreat in India, Lisa nailed a lot of the irritation business owners feel when describing her own rise with “get comfortable feeling uncomfortable” As business owners we become the go to person not just for clients but even more so for our own staff. We become the parent, mentor, arbitrator and final decision maker for everyone in our eco–system and basically have to just suck that up.

From the moment we get up we are under that gun. The Roman Stoic and Emperor Marcus Aurelius put it even more brutally and advises to tell your self, “The people I deal with every today will be meddling, ungrateful, arrogant, dishonest, jealous and surly. They are like this because they can’t tell good from evil.”

It is up to you to rise above this, to see the good and find ways to delegate that vision.

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