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Black Mold

removing black mold

Black mold in your home, studio or performance space After mass heavy on the east coast of Australia many properties were pushed to their limits Some interesting information can be found at the disturbingly named website, moldpedia, We have summarised the main points here. Toxic Mold refers to several species of mold, a type…

Expanding Joins in your Dance Vinyl

10 cent coin between vinyl

Expanding joins in your dance vinyl can become an issue when they are at the point of being abrasive and a potential trip hazard. This article will give you help on managing your vinyl to prevent this from happening. In the last few weeks we have had a couple of installed floors defected. This was…

Particle Board Vs Plywood for Dance Floors

Particle board VS Plywood for your dance floor Recently I did a Facebook post in which I assumed a fairly high ground and stated that; “At STM Studio Supplies we constantly come across people planning to use particle board for their dance floor. I cannot emphasise strongly enough what a bad idea that is. There…

Navigating the ordeal of music licensing for class, performance, and competition

A chance conversation between Martin and Christopher Wheeler from APRA AMCOS prompted an investigation of the music licensing regulations for dance schools in Australia