The Heart of the Dance Studio is the Floor

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The Heart of the Dance Studio is the Floor

This phrase has been the cornerstone of research and development for our dance floors.

No barres? Use chairs until you can afford the barres

No mirrors? A great opportunity to develop body and spatial awareness without relying on external props.

Concrete floor? No way!

Concrete floors and other solid surfaces are the mortal enemies of the dancer and dance teacher. They have no resilience or shock absorption; they are an invitation to ankle, knee and hip injury and can permanently damage growing bodies. STM Studio Supplies has been developing, testing and gathering feedback from all sources to be able to present the most cost effective sprung flooring in Australia.

The latest DanceTrain magazine supports these findings and you can read the full article by Danielle Brown, “Dancers Need Dance Floors” for more detail.

Full article appears in @dancetrainmag latest issue MayJun on sale now

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