Randy Swartz Interview

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Randy Swartz Interview
, Randy Swartz Interview

Randy Swartz had a decades-long involvement in dance programming, as well as running Stagestep, the oldest and largest dance floor company in the United States, undoubtedly touched the lives and careers of thousands of dancers nationwide. 

Stage Step
One of the very first modern suppliers to the North American dance scene for more than 40 years.

Stagestep – the dance floor system experts – has brought innovative dance, theatre and performing arts flooring solutions, including a full line of flooring surfaces, subfloors, installation and maintenance products to stages, studios and homes around the world.

Dance Affiliates
Stagestep’s sister organization, Dance Affiliates, has been one of Philadelphia’s leading dance presenters for decades. This academic year, Dance Affiliates will present 10 dance companies from 7 different countries. Dance company activities in the city include multiple performances and classes for the community. The organization presents diverse world-class dance with a broad outreach locally.


Written Interview with Anne Marie Mulgrew 2009

A written interview with Henrik Eger October 2014

The vinyl top-surface that dancers perform and rehearse on is often referred to as a “Marley Floor.” However, actual Marley Floors are no longer available.

Marley Flooring was founded in 1948 in Kent, United Kingdom, and it offered a range of floor coverings – including a rolled vinyl floor that ballet dancers liked the feel of. The company stopped offering that range of floor in the late seventies, yet the term “Marley Floor” has stuck around, and it is now a general term that refers to any vinyl top surface for dance,


Tarkett Dansflor is our home grown “Marley”

Bill Akers

With apologies Bill, I said you had been with Sydney Ballet I meant to say the Australian Ballet. Thank you for some great advice over the years and for creating some great products.

Bilt Floor

Walnut Street Theatre

Yuri Grigorovich

Fernando Bujones

Donald Saddler

Panovs Valery & Galina

Oleg Protopopov

Anton Dolin

The Dying Swan

Dance Magazine

For over 80 years, Dance Magazine has elevated the art form on a global scale

original Member of American Ballet Theatre

Walter Terry

Jackson Competition

Dance floor vinyls

Slip-no-mor and Floorshield


Bill Goldberg

Game of Thrones
I don’t think this needs a link!

Rogue Lawyer


Michelle Dorrance

Dance Informa

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