You are Never an Ex Dancer

, You are Never an Ex Dancer

You are Never an Ex Dancer

I was talking with Emma, a dancer herself , and working with us here at STM Studio Supplies, about someone who called themselves an ex -dancer. I said “but you are never an ex-dancer even if you have packed away your shoes, what do you think”

This was her reply:I open the fridge door searching for the 4 leaf salad mix. Without actively deciding, I execute a grand plié. Finding the salad mix in the crisper, I press my heels to the ground, bag of salad in hand at bras bas, and straighten my legs.

Over to get a drink of water and the glasses are in the topmost kitchen cupboard. Lift into a rise to reach one. A snappy demi-détourné, tombé to arabesque and I’m at the sink filling the glass with refreshing tap water. Close into 5th.

Standing in a queue at the post office, my feet become restless. I start doing some shuffles, nice and small to warm up my ankles. On the left foot now. Weight centred, time for some heel pick-ups. My mind drifts as I plan the rest of my errands. My feet keep time.

Dance is a comforting friend. A reliable cosy jumper. Dance is there to move and support you through life, one tap/step at a time. It may be years since the studio days, or time after an injury, but dance is there in your muscles. Ready to spring into action at the slightest call.

You might be like me, reaching high cupboards en rise, or keeping time in line. It could be to leap over muddy puddles. It might be the coordinated and efficient way you balance when your arms are full. It could be the way you catch yourself before a stumble. It might be the way you can’t stand still when music is playing. It could be in the way you wave to missed friends and family.

You’re never an ex-dancer.

Later she came back to me and said “there is more to this!”

So stay tuned for part 2!

Happy Dancing for now

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